Based on our unique spirit which is made using the three main flavours of Molasses, Corn and Bananas
then aged on timber from local Ironbark.


This produces a nice dark spirit rich in colour and flavour. Bottle Tree has developed a process to extract the strong colour and flavour from the timber which is both smooth on the palette with a nice timber finish whilst retaining the flavour of the spirit.


Beautifully dark in colour, Trinity displays shades of Rich dark chocolate and a slight cherry hue
under light.
Smooth rich caramel on the nose with a slight hint of molasses, sweet spice and a subtle
pleasant woody linger at the end.
Smooth with a very well rounded and silken mouth feel, Caramel and toffee on first taste. Hints
of light spice (Cinnamon and Cloves), and a soft woody profile that delivers subtle and tight
tannins to the palate. Impressive long linger and finish in the mouth.


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