Meet The Team


Greg and Tracey started their partnership over 20 years ago and have always enjoyed
gathering with friends and family enjoying great food and beverages.
These gatherings have led to Greg and Tracey mastering the art of fine food and drinks.
As their life has progressed so has their culinary passion with Greg becoming a qualified
butcher, opening his own business and specializing in special cuts and gourmet meat products.
Through this career Greg has had the opportunity in working with and learning from some of the
most talented Chefs in the country, broadening and expanding his interest in working with and
blending unique flavours.

Soon their passion extended to distilling with the aim to again be creative with flavor
combinations for their spirits and liquors, utilizing the incredible gift of the Australian bush to
provide the basis for their unique brews. Their motto “The only limitation is your imagination”
As part of this journey Greg and Tracey traveled to many distilleries on the east coast of
Australia looking at varying techniques of distilling and were incredibly grateful for the generous
information sharing provided to them by many likeminded boutique distillers.

In November 2018 after a lot of research & hard work “Bottle Tree Distillery” was born.

“Bottle Tree Distillery” is a unique boutique distillery that is committed to bringing a whole new
experience in flavour to the spirit and liquor market. The ingredients are top quality and feature
the local region (North Queensland) in its uniqueness in flavor and textures. The distilling
process ensures a high-quality product for their customers.

Initially the distillery will only release a limited number of products for sale however as they grow
so will their range with a number of new products currently in production. One of these is a very
special Rum which should be ready in December 2020.