The Story of Bottle Tree Distillery

Bottle Tree Distillery is a small boutique distillery which has developed over a number of years and
draws on Distiller Greg’s back ground in Western and Northern Queensland of butchering,
small goods manufacturing and a passion for fine foods and beverages.

Greg has spent years working with the different flavors and studying the art of producing traditional
washes and traditions behind distillation. This has led to the wash used at Bottle Tree which
incorporates a number of natural reactions to produce a high-quality spirit while incorporating the
flavors of the ingredients.

Bottle Tree Distillery is Townsville’s first legal distillery starting from a small 100L pot still with the
capability to build and improve the products as time progresses.
Greg uses only natural products and where possible products sourced from North Queensland.
Bottle Tree blends natural flavors from their botanical and timbers to produce a unique flavored spirit
for the enjoyment of their customers.


Like wines, these may have subtle differences between batches
due to the changes in sugars in the ingredients, these subtle changes from mother nature on the
ingredients customize each batch. As in wine between vintages the basic flavors are the same with
subtle differences. Bottle Tree do not try to mask these differences with flavors or colors but embrace
them as each batch is unique for the enjoyment of their customers.

Each bottle is hand crafted using natural products selected and processed by the distiller to create a
truly unique products with a taste of North Queensland.
Bottle Tree products are designed to be either enjoyed neat on the rocks or blended to the individual
taste for your personal enjoyment.

Bottle Tree staff believe the only limitation is your imagination. Don’t hesitate to ask for recipes for
blends of products as they lend themselves to some nice refreshing cocktails which enhance the flavor
of your drinks and give you a unique experience.